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 Every Month Read from the Blog from ChequeLess Charlie our Disgruntled Sales Man at, (He's Discruntled because were alway coming up with New Promotions and Cutting Costs and to be Honest We keep making excuses every month when he does'nt get his Pay Cheque.

 So Coming Folks try to Understand its a Recession and the longer we don't pay ChequeLess Charlie the Better the deals are for you, who knows we might even get a cheap laugh at his expense along the way???

HI I am Charlie and I the Newest Employee in

I think the Boss has got Sunstroke Here at this August, Because we are Almost Giving away Products, seriously I am wondering will I get paid this Month? It my first month here and so far everyone here is a bit obsessed with finding bargainz. I could have swore I saw my boss Recycalling Tea Bags yesterday, the Lady in Accounts swears he will do anything to keep costs down and Customers Happy. All I know is my first pay Cheque is coming Soon, for some reason im not allowed to read the Website Though? I have to give everything I write to the boss first, its Weird.

Anyway My Job is to Tell You About the Hotest Offers this Month at each and Every Month.

We Have Fantastic back to School offers and probably the Stupidist Offer of the Year, We are giving  5 of our Best Selling Laptop the Hp 3735s 


 Yes you read it right, When you Buy any Laptop Bag YOU Get the opportunity to buy the HP 6735s Laptop at COST PRICE (only 1 per Household/Customer) Next thing you know We'll be Offering Mortgages and Backrubs, I need to get a New Job,I am serious this place is Bannanas! see you all next month!

Check back Next Month for More Offers From ChequeLess Charlie.

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